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Pickles is available for adoption in Florida

Is it time for you to add a furry friend to your life? Adopt a dog! We are highlighting hand-picked pets from rescue groups across the country with the goal to find them forever homes! Please help us by taking home one of these wonderful pets and making them part of your family.

Meet Pickles

Pickles is quite incredible. He is a senior Lab-mix (about 9 or 10 years old) and weighs about 65lbs. He LOVES people, playing fetch, and the water (he swims better than most humans).

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He knows all basic commands including sit, down, and roll. He is good with all people including kids. Pickles needs to be the only dog in a household as he can be selective with other dogs and does not like dogs invading his personal space (getting in his face).

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He would be perfect for any owner of all ages and can match your energy level – he will play fetch or cuddle up to watch TV.

pickles big dog ranch rescue

Pickles is currently at Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Loxahatchee, Florida. We hope Pickles finds his forever home! For more information on how to adopt a dog click here.

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