Shared by Brittany Shoemaker:

My sweet Ace was 5 months shy to 3 years old. He was so happy, energetic, healthy and loving. Anytime someone would come over he was overly excited and just wanted your attention and love. He loved swimming, walks, belly rubs and our family. On June 9th my family went to the lake for 4 hours, we had all 3 dogs outside, my 9 year old pit and 7 month old yourkie mix. When we got home I asked my 6 year old daughter to let the dogs in and went back outside to help upload. My daughter ran out crying saying “I think Ace is dead he won’t listen to me” I said “WHAT!?” And ran! To the yard, and there he was laying in his igloo lifeless.. We have no idea what happened and why but this is a big lose for my family. I miss him terribly. I’m so upset I didn’t have the chance to save him, I’m angry I wasn’t home. I feel I failed him because I was supposed to take care of him and I didn’t get the chance.

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