Shared by Scott:

Lola entered our life when my boss came into work one day and asked if we wanted a "frikin chihuahua". Apparently, his wife adopted the dog because a friend of hers switched apartments and the new one would not accept dogs. Ironically, we had watched Beverley Hills Chihuahua 3 nights before this and my wife really wanted one. He told us the reason he was getting rid of her was because every time he walked in the room she was in she growled at him. It was funny because we didn't even look at each other when we both said we would take her. From day one she was my little buddy. She never once growled at me, but was always all over me! She would climb on me and sleep on my chest. She was also the only dog I ever knew that would sit up and beg for her belly to get rubbed! I missed the last year of her life due to a deployment. I would like to think that she knew she had to wait for me to come home before she left, but I really don't know. She helped my wife cope with the reality of 2 deployments when I wasn't there to comfort her. We lost her today, 23 AUG 19 from a congenative heart disorder way too soon. My grief is beyond anything I have yet experienced. I am so glad that I found this website so I could share with the rest of the world how beautiful my girl was!

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