Shared by Rita Mcclain:

Cleopatra was 19 years old got her from a shelter when she was a baby. She was soft and silky and such a huggable baby. I got Cinderella a month later to keep Cleopatra company. They were always together until one year later Cinderella got cancer and died. It was such a horrible thing and we missed her so much. I decided to get another kitty to be with Cleopatra and I got Rapunzel from a neighbor. They bonded quickly , when they were 14/15 we moved from NY to Arizona, their first plane ride. They were the two most pampered kitties with lots of toys, comfortable beds and lots of love. Whenever they were sick I nursed them back to health. Rapunzel got very sick and lasted a month until July 23 when I had to say goodbye. It was very hard for Cleopatra and I losing Rapunzel. Cleopatra got very sick on Nov 9th, I took her to the vet and she received medicine and fluids for not eating and drinking. On Saturday she got worse and I held , hugged and kissed her that day. I did not want to be her suffer so I held her tightly while she was put to sleep. They will forever be in my heart, when it is time I will devote my love to one or more kitties until then RIP my two baby girls.

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