Shared by Reinert De Josef Saguid:

Tammie was a quiet, friendly, solitary and gentle dog. He was given by my girlfriend now "Wife" as my birthday gift. Ive always wanted a dog especially shihtzu coz they're cute and cuddly. I never thought that I could have one. And there he is, a big and fluffy puppy. I tried potty train him and teaching some tricks. He was a stuborn pup. I even placed him in a laundry basket to discipline him. But even though i was so hard on him. I knew he still loves me. And I'm glad that i have raised a gentle and loving tamtam.
He survied so many mishaps in life, like losing his right eye, because of a dog fight. He also caught a parvo virus, having a upset stomach and his nose was bitten by another dog. After everything and all the battle scar he had, he survived it all. And for that we loved him even more. But these past few days, his health suddenly deteriorate, his stomach got big but we thought he was just full. Until he just passed away in our arms. I know he fought it through but his body just gave in. Until his last deep breath.
He slowly drifts away.
I didnt expect i'd lose him this way.
Daddy and mommy will miss you buddy.
You'll always be in our hearts forever.

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