Chloe Gail Flippo

Shared by Dana Flippo:

Well....I could go on & on forever about my baby girl, Clovie Gail. My mom always said, " if u ever have a little girl, u have 2 give her our middle name." Hence 'Gail' was her middle name. She came in 2 my life as the tiniest RUNT in her litter, & I was about 2 go in 2 the hospital & have a full hysterectomy, due 2 cervical cancer. It was by mere chance that I got the call from my best friends boyfriend late that night, & I went straight over & picked her up & brought her home. She was so little she got in the palm of my hand. Sometime during that 1st night, she caught a tiny field mouse that she proudly left on the kitchen floor to show us that next morning. In all the many yrs I owned that home, never once did I EVER see a mouse in our house...& Never did after that 1 St day either. It was almost like she was trying to show me that she was worth keeping & she was saying, "lookie what I can do...lookie what I did !" I knew she was my daughter from day 1. Thru out her 13 yrs on this Earth, we weathered MANY a storm together. She was my protector, my bestest girlfriend, my cuddle~bug, & truly a good listener -ALWAYS BY MY SIDE NO MATTER WHAT came out way. She saw me @ my worst & she saw me @ my best. Chloe loved me for ME. UNCONDITIONALLY. She sadly passed away one chilly morning on October 22nd, 2019. She passed in her sleep, & curled up in a lil circle, w/ her nose tucked down into her paws, as she always slept when she was napping. Her ears were even perked STRAIGHT UP, as if she was still listening even though I knew her soul, her spirit had left her little body. I am filled w/ such sadness & cry & long for her to be w/ me everyday. I still cannot grasp that she's not here in the physical sense. I chose to have her cremated @ the last moment so that I could keep her w/ me & plan to put her ashes in a locker to wear around my neck, close to my heart. A part of me died w/ her that morning....I will never fully recover from the loss of her. I know that, but I know that she is forever going to be w/ me in spirit & I've got lots of funny stories & wonderful memories that we made together thru out her long life. Chloe Gail was my life. She gave me something, someone to take care of, & to love whole~heartedly....She. Will forever be missed & loved. Until we meet again...GOD rest your ❤️ & soul my precious baby girl. You completed me. XOXO's from your Mommy.🐾🐾

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