Shared by Dana Graf Humphrey:

I rescued Bella from an abuser and she became my girl. She did not like car rides but she loved to just go with her mom and dad. She did not like thunder and when it came around, Bella stood up with stiff legs and shaking like a leaf until the storm was over. I took her everywhere so she could get all kinds of love that she had missed out on her first three years of life. She had no tail but when she was happy to see You, her butt did uturns from one side to another. She made a wonderful sleeping partner in my bed. And then December 10, 2018 we went to the vet to discover she has a massive tumor around her neck and that was why she was not eating and drinking. I took her home and did the best I could for ten days then it was time to let her go on December 20, 2018 and she was only five years old. RIP BELLA I love you and miss you more and more each day!

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