Shared by Sarah:

Bruno, our 4 year old golden retriever springer spaniel mix passed away on May 4th 2019. He had a rare disease called Myasthenia gravis. This disease causes the muscles to go weak and the esophagus to get inflamed and it becomes hard to swallow, Bruno also has a small case of aspirational pneumonia. He could hardly walk, so he couldn’t get up to go to the washroom. He was on a catheter, intervenes, and a heart monitor. He also had a special halter to help him walk. We really thought Bruno would be okay, he was getting better and could finally walk small distances. so we got finally got to take him home and we were really happy and grateful. We spent the rest of our day by his side helping him get better. we woke up in the morning at around 5:30 am to find that Bruno had past away in his sleep. We stayed with him petting him until 8:00 am when we gave him a proper burial in the backyard.. We were terribly upset and cried for weeks, I miss my baby boy sooo much and I really want him back..!:(

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