Shared by Justina Taylor:

Boots is one of those special animals that adopts a human. I met him on my front porch while tying my shoes to go for a walk. He literally jumped in my lap as I was tying my shoes. It was like he said, “okay human, I choose you!” He was emaciated, and looked like he had been living rough, so I did what any responsible college student would do; I fed him before telling my parents. Afterwards I called my dad, and he said he’d check him out when he got home. When he saw the cat’s condition, he told me to get him more food, we took him to the vet the next day, and he was mine ever since.

Boots was aptly named by my father for the size of his paws (even though I had originally wanted to name him Oliver). He loved being outside, and roamed the neighborhood, chasing birds and rabbits, catching chipmunks and field mice. He loved to cuddle, and always joined me at bedtime when I was home from college. He was my mom’s morning companion, and would sit with her and watch birds from the window as she drank her coffee. He’d follow my dad around the the house as he did yard work. He would later come to tolerate my brother’s cat cuddling up next to him, and would groom her as he shared his cat bed. He had the brightest green eyes, and always loved to play.

Boots crossed the rainbow bridge this past April. We believe he had some form of cancer, and he had an appointment with the vet the day after he passed away. I know he’s on the rainbow bridge, playing with his buddy Tiger who had crossed nine years before him.

I love you Boots, and I am so lucky you decided to share your life with me. 💕

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