Q.T. Miller

Shared by Daisy Kay:

I got this little dog when I was about 7. She was a present from my mom because she was pregnant with my little sister and as an only child I was not handling it well. My mom got her so I could have my own baby. Q, was so much more. She got me through my hardest time. Two divorces, 7 moves, change of school, bullying, two bad break ups, ups and downs with family, the loss of my uncle. No matter how many times I fell and cried she was there to lick me to death. This little dog was with me in my darkness. She was there when no one else was. She loved me when I could not love myself. She fought for me at the end. She was so protective she would have took on the world for me if she could. This little dog had the biggest personally, the petty Queen. I do not think my heart will ever heal. She and my sister saved me in the worse of times. Thank you Q, for being the light and my bestest friend for 13 years. Gone to soon, I know it will be a while but I will see you at the other side of the rainbow bridge. ❤️ I will miss you dearly until then.

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