k9 Mojo

K9 Mojo

Tragedy for a member of law enforcement can happen anywhere and at anytime. K9 Mojo of the North Charleston Police Department in South Carolina was killed in a vehicle crash on February 15, 2018. According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, K9 Mojo’s handler was responding to a call, with his emergency lights on, when another vehicle turned in front of him and the two cars collided. K9 Mojo was taken to an emergency veterinary hospital where he passed away. His handler received minor injuries. The driver of the crash was charged with felony DUI.

K9 Mojo was a member of the North Charleston Police Department for five years. We want to offer our heartfelt condolences to Mojo’s handler and all of the officers of the North Charleston Police Department. Please offer your support by leaving a comment below.

The National Alliance for Law Enforcement Support is a non-profit 501c3 that benefits our law enforcement officers and their families across the United States.

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