What is Pet Remembrance Day?

September 9, 2018

National Pet Remembrance Day happens on the second Sunday in September. This holiday gives pet parents a chance to commemorate, honor, and celebrate our past pet companions.

About this website

When my dog, Devo, came into my life, my heart grew exponentially.

Devo taught me how to love unconditionally, be patient, be present, and learn to truly care for something other than myself. He also had the goofiest personality (which always made me laugh) and was totally there for me during my awkward years… loyalty to the max! And even though I knew he wouldn’t live forever, nothing truly prepared me for the loss I felt when he was gone.

When the team and I launched Petsies, we became privy to the stories of pet owners creating stuffed animals to honor their past pets. I realized quickly that my story and my feelings of loss were more common than not. I wanted to give people a supportive place to remember their pets.

National Pet Remembrance Day and the resources we created on this website provide pet parents like you and me a peaceful place to celebrate the lives of our furry (or scaley) companions.

Everything on the site is provided free of charge thanks to the generosity of sponsors and the hard work of the Pet Remembrance Day team.

- Frankie

Resources for You

The following resources are provided for you to use completely free:

  • Memory Wall: (perhaps the most important part of this website) Upload a photo or two of your past pet and share their story with the community. Also, take a minute to read other people's stories and show your support. We are building a community of love.
  • Resources: We have assembled an ever-growing collection of articles with topics ranging from helping children grieve to deciding when you're ready for a new pet.
  • Partners: Check out the non-profits and brands whose support makes Pet Remembrance Day possible. And if you're ready to add another best friend into your life, make sure to take a look at the pets up for adoption!