Month: August 2018

25th Anniversary of K9 Rolf’s Passing

k9 rolf

The pain of losing a law enforcement partner never goes away. That doesn’t change if your partner is a police K9. Twenty-five years ago, K9 Rolf died in the line of duty. According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, the K9 was stabbed and died a few days later on November 14, 1993. He was a member of […]

Simon is ready for adoption in the Northeast

Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue

Are you ready to open your home to a new pet? There are thousands of dogs and cats that are in shelters and foster homes that are looking for their forever homes. Adopt Simon Meet Simon the gentle giant! At 38 pounds he is a little larger than your average 9-year-old Cocker Spaniel, but that’s […]

How to Deal with a Pet Loss When You’re Single

pet loss when you're single

There is no way to prepare yourself for a pet loss when you’re single. This Pet Remembrance Day we are remembering all the four-legged best friends who changed our lives forever, long after they are gone. Anyone who has considered a pet to be your best friend or family member knows the intense pain that accompanies […]

Hector is ready for adoption in California

adopt a dog

We need your help! There are thousands of dogs looking for their forever homes. Are you ready to open up your home? You’ll not only get a new best friend but a loving companion! Adopt Hector Hi! I’m Hector, and I’m a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) mix and I am a big hunk of burnin’ […]

How to Memorialize a Pet

Memorialize a Pet

The pain of losing your pet can seem unbearably painful. It is natural to take some time to remember and grieve your dog. Many families need time to process the loss of this dear family member. You may experience some complicated emotions and that is part of your grieving process. Remember, all of these emotions […]

Adopt Budrow in Missouri

Budrow wayside waifs

Are you looking for the perfect dog to bring home and love? We have partnered with animal rescue groups across the country to help find wonderful homes for these loving pets. Please help us find forever homes for these animals! Meet Budrow Hi there! My name is Budrow, and I am a handsome one and […]

Pickles is available for adoption in Florida

pickles big dog ranch rescue

Is it time for you to add a furry friend to your life? Adopt a dog! We are highlighting hand-picked pets from rescue groups across the country with the goal to find them forever homes! Please help us by taking home one of these wonderful pets and making them part of your family. Meet Pickles […]

Adopt Beau from Georgia

The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia

Is it time to add a fun-loving pup to your home? We are partnering with rescue groups across the country to help these wonderful animals find their forever homes. We would love for you to open your arms and adopt a dog and show them how much you care. Beau is looking for his forever […]

How to Cope After Your Pet Travels Over the Rainbow Bridge

rainbow bridge

When a pet dies most people expect to feel sad, but you may have other emotions as well. For example, you may feel angry or guilty that you didn’t spend more time with your pet before they died. It’s natural to feel a range of emotions when you are dealing with loss of your best […]

How to Know You’re Ready for a New Dog After a Loss of a Pet

loss of a pet

Losing your pet is a heartbreaking emotional ordeal that can’t be healed quickly. Many families need time to process the loss of a pet before they make the decision to get a new dog or cat. There is no perfect way of knowing when the time is right for a new pet. Sometimes it will […]